Saturday, May 17, 2014

Its been awhile.

Hey guys! (if your still out there)
to be honest i totally forgot about this blog. its been a good year since i posted here, i debated if i should just delete this one and start afresh or keep it as a reminder of how bad i got and how far i have come in just one short year. this blog will be changing a lot. it wont be as dark or as depressing and it wont be just about that part of my life, i will still post about my struggles and everything but i will also add other things that are happening in my life. it will be more cheerful and all of that jazz so hopefully you stick around, i mean if you've stuck around for a year with no activity happening on this blog im sure a bit of a change wont matter to much to you.

Recovery update
Well over the past year i feel i have made huge progress in my recovery from depression and self harm and would even go as far as saying i think i am going to be okay from here on out. it was rough i am not telling you stopping was easy that changing the things i was doing was easy it was difficult, but after realizing my parents did care, that my friends cared, that people loved me helped me the most having that support there is what got me through. I'm also not saying i don't have bad days anymore because trust me i do but they no longer control me. The "voices" aren't there anymore and i am strong enough to put down the blade and step away from the toilet bowl. I am about 8 months clean of self harm.

Changes in my life. 
Not a lot has changed in my life i am still living with my parents, still working at burger king and still wish i could be doing more. the most significant changes in my life are...
about a month after my last post to this blog my best friend / guy i had a major crush on and had liked for about 5 years finally asked me out and we have now been going out just over a year and yes im going to say it he has been one of the best things to ever happen to me he saved me without even realizing it. most people will say that you need to love yourself before someone else loves you, but he has made me see that i am lovable that im more then what i was seeing in the mirror.
And the other most significant thing is that i have found a hobby that i love and its taking pictures. photography now consumes my days off. i love taking pictures of everything. and have even been able to make some extra cash taking pictures of my friends and there family's and have even done a couple of weddings i think finding a hobby is crucial in recovery it gives you something else to focus on something to distract yourself with and i am most happy after a day out taking pictures.

Past and future
the past year i have mostly been focusing on recovery and just building up my strength and finding out what works for me and slowly coming to terms with the fact that i will be living with this for the rest of my life but also understanding it doesn't have to control me.
I am not too sure on what my future holds, i am currently looking for a new job and am hoping to move out with my boyfriend and some friends by the end of the year, even though i get a lot of people telling me to make a career out of my photography i think im going to keep it as a hobby as i feel like making it a career would take away the fun and relaxing thing i enjoy most about it.

I promise to write on here at least once a week about one thing or another, feel free to ask questions about anything and everything. :) loveees Sammy.

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