About me

My name is Sammy
I am 23 years old, this blog started as a place to vent and write down my thoughts while i was deep in my depression i didn't write much or post a lot and ended up forgetting about this blog until now.
I have decide to make this an online journal for my ups and downs with trying to start a family, I was diagnosed in 2011 with PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) at the time i was young and it didn't worry me i didn't research anything about it my doctors didn't really tell me anything about it either. so i didn't really care i didn't start taking better care of myself i didn't try to lose weight i didn't watch what i was eating, but now im 23 and after having a cysts slowly leak out causing an immense amount of pain and having a second scan in july 2014, where i was told the cysts had almost doubled in both ovaries and my best chance at children was sooner rather than later, we have decided to try for a baby, so please follow me on my journey to motherhood. xoxo

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