Sunday, May 18, 2014


Today was so awesome yet so basic.
Myself and my sister went to the beach it was about 45min away and the drive out into the country side was just so nice and the sun was shining and the beach was so beautiful even though its coming into winter and the water was freezing just walking along the beach taking pictures was so relaxing. One thing you all have to do if your are in recovery is get outside and enjoy what the world has to offer. Life is so beautiful there is so much to see and do live a little :) explore that park down the road, climb the hill and watch the sunset you wont regret it i promise.
some pictures from today

first time to see a jellyfish up close :)

So my lovelies if your struggling today take a walk! just go outside and breath in the fresh air instagram me you pictures of where you walk to #sami33ee :) id love to see them 

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