Sunday, June 15, 2014

Im on a health kick!

So as you all know ive been wanting to lose weight and be healthier for awhile when i was younger i went to extreme lengths to try and be "thin" and it had a huge impact on my mental health so while i have been "recovering" i put a stop to any diets or weight loss things because i felt i needed to be in a stronger mind set so i did not return to my bad habits of starving binging and purging. and i feel like i am at that stage where ill be okay and be able to recognize if i am starting those things again. To be honest though i feel like i need this for both my mental health and physical health because the past month or so i think my eating habits have really taken a toll on how i am feeling. i don't eat much but what i do it is crap and makes be feel like crap as well. because of where i work in a fast food company and the times i work ive always been to lazy to cook/ make something to take in and if i did i felt like everyone thought i was weird for taking in my own stuff. but now i am doing this for me and frankly i don't care what they think i am overweight and i want to change that. for now i am not going to worry about how much or how little im eating or what i am drinking or how much i am excising i am literally just going to focus on what i am putting into my body food wise. i struggle with ideas on what to eat and make because i know i am kinda fussy when it comes to food but if you have any ideas let me know in the comments!

what i am currently having for breakfast muesli and low fat yogurt 
Snacks for while i am at work I discovered i like hummus! yay (im not taking all the hummus i just could not find my small container, bagel bites, and yogurt. 

Work dinner, salad with silver-beet, lettuce,cucumber,carrot, cheese and chicken.

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