Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It has been Awhile

It has been almost 6 months since i last posted! i don't know why i stopped, but its now 2015!! 
the last post i made was about e and my partner deciding to start trying for a baby. well we are still trying! no luck as of yet though. but AF made an appearance last month for the first time in a year so its a start even though nothing this month i am still hopeful things are at least trying to work in my body. 
my diet and stuff hasn't been the best i moved out of my parents a few months ago and in with a friend and Chris and honestly our eating has been so bad but its starting to get better. im excited for the new year i have joined a gym and plan to go at least 3 times a week which leads me onto my new years resolutions for the year! 

Number 1 is get debt free, i am not in a huge amount of debt i have my camera to pay off which will be in march. and i have around $400 on my credit card. so i know i can do it. 

Number 2 is get healthier, i want to lose at least 20kg to help my fertility and general well being. the only thing that could hinder this is if i get pregnant but i am fairly certain because i am a bigger girl anyway losing a little bit of weight whilst pregnant will actually be a good thing so i am feeling good about being able to lose 20kg by 2016!

Number 3 is save for a new car. basically i have a two door car and with wanting a family its obviously not big enough so id like to save for a new one and hopefully have a new one by 2016. 

Number 4 is either find a new job that i like or go into study photography. 

That is pretty much it but im also going to make a goal of posting on here once a week as well, my life isnt that exciting but im a young woman living with PCOS and attempting to have a family before its to late. and i want to document it. so you can follow if you wish. 

xoxo wishing you all a safe and happy new year. 

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