Friday, July 11, 2014

I see fire.

How do you know if you are with "the one" are you supposed to just know? or are relationships supposed to feel like a lot of work? don't get me wrong i love him, but i feel like i am the one making all the effort. But this is also my first serious relationship. so i have no idea what i am doing, I also have no friends i can really talk about this kind of stuff, And i don't know why i am posting this here as i am pretty sure no one even reads what i write on here. 

I don't know why i feel this way that maybe hes not the one that maybe hes just with me because its easy and because we have been friends for so long. 

I love him and chased him for years before we got together and he broke my heart to many times to count but i forgave him because he finally wanted me. he finally chose me and its been a year and a half and i feel like he is so comfortable with the thought that i will never leave because i waited for him for so long that hes stopped trying to "keep me around" because he is so confident i am not going anywhere. I don't want to lose him but i also don't want to marry someone i am always second guessing

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