Sunday, May 25, 2014

California shooting

So i just read about the shooting in California 

It is horrible and makes me sad that someone can do this and the killer and people posting comments are blaming it on the fact that girls didn’t spread there legs for him. That because girls turned this guy down he went out and shot 6+ people. The comments on his video disgust me the majority of it men saying that some girl could have stopped him from murdering these people if only someone had given this stuck up prick some “pussy” one of his videos i watched “life is unfair because girls don’t like me” made me want to puke, no wonder girls didn’t like him he was self centred and was all about himself. But all the comment it what got to me the most. Men need to respect woman more, we are not a piece of meat nor are we something for you to play with if you get bored or lonely we are fucking human beings and we have thoughts and feelings too.

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