Tuesday, March 5, 2013

when you hurt yourself on the outside

When you cut your skin, 
you feel free it helps mostly only for a few moments but those few moments help you stay alive they help you breathe again, they keep you sane in a sense. 
but they leave scars that last a life time that your ashamed of that you never show anyone. 
have you ever walked out of your front door on a hot summers day in just a singlet and forgot about your scars for a split second and had to rush back in for a sweater to cover up because you cant face the people staring at your arms, or whispering “look at her scars” as you pass by.
when you cut your skin for the first time you never think it will end up like this, that you wont be able to stop, you think you have control but you don’t it does and it always will. 

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