Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Its hell when no one truly cares you can tell people over and over again that you need help that you cant live like this anymore, i told my parents over a year ago... A year ago they told me to not take the meds they didn't like the thought of there perfect straight a daughter being on happy pills "we will find another way" they said.. A day later nothing .. A week later .. Nothing a year later nothing its worse now then it was then and they can see im struggling ive stopped going out i dont talk to
My friends i barely talk to them but they dont fucking care they dont say a word
Im far from perfect i need help but them shoving it under a rug is in a way telling me im not important that this doesn't matter they dont want to know im cutting myself to shreds do thy realize that all i want to do is press that razor down harder just a little bit harder and then it would all go away it would all stop maybe id be happy then.

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